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new age music online from JOURNEYS on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: P. Kerry Fetter
Location: Atlanta, GA

Hello, my name is Kerry Fetter. I've been a musician and music director for many groups in my years of living on Zephyr Planet. I've performed on over 50 CDs and DVDs and have performed in many, many concerts. I've produced and engineered a myriad of records, discs, concerts. My degreed background is in Broadcast Communications and Trumpet Performance. I really don't live in the past, because the present and future are more interesting. I am currently a performing member of Zephyr Instrumental ( and the Zephyr Brass Quintet ( I am also the owner of Creative Media Atlanta ( a production company based in Atlanta, GA, and Zephyr Music, Inc. ( My first love is my God and family . . . second is my music and the people with which I perform and record. Music has been one of the great experiences for my family ... so much so, that we currently perform together in all the Zephyr groups. One of the ongoing experiences which I cherish is meeting other musicians, artists, and technicians . . . becoming associated with them on the personal and professional levels . . . helping to share and promote their art. I'm easy to reach . . . just go to one of the links on this site or Bye for now!
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