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The Soulful Stream broadcasts from Asheville, North Carolina 24/7. My career has included on air and programming gigs, as well as hundreds of promotions, shows, and appearances, and interview. I have been able to broadcast talk shows, sports, traffic reports, Jazz programs, pop and rock, and of course R&B! Career Highlights: 1993 Broadcasting Institute Of Maryland 1994-96 WYRE Annapolis (On Air/Production) 1994-96 MTA Transit Team Baltimore (Radio/TV Traffic) 1994-95 WXVY/WCAO Baltimore (Promotions/Production) 1995 WNAV Annapolis (Production) 1996-97 WEAA Baltimore(On Air/Jazz) 1996-'05 WWIN FM/Radio One(Programming/On Air) 2008-'11 WPVM Asheville(Programming/On Air) 2011-'12 Soulful Stream Live I am a native of Baltimore Maryland, and the son of Baltimore radio pioneer Kelson "Chop Chop" Fisher. Also a proud veteran of the United States Air Force. Biggest joy of my life is my daughter, who is now in college in Baltimore.