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DJ: Kihaku Dadeni
Location: WI

YAHOO: kihakudadeni
Namaste! I am known as Kihaku Dadeni to the Pagan Community which means "soul rebirth" ... I am also known as Gwen to my family & friends. I am a 35 year-young, Proud Pagan, Double Gemini, happily-single, homeschooling mom of three wonderful boys 16 yr. old Ryan, 11 yr. old Zachary, & 6 yr. old Caden ... I also am a "mommy" to four darling furbabies - Tazzy, Salem, Patches and Lacie. Thank you for listening to my beloved radio station, I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoy playing it for you! Best Wishes!
Favorite Albums

Stevie Nicks - Enchanted Collection
This is truly the best compilation of music by this enchanting and mystical lady ... it is a 3-CD set that I recommend to anyone one of her fans ... an absolute must have for Fleetwood Mac fans as there are many songs from Stevie's time as a member of that group also. Stevie Nicks is not only a music legend but is an earth-bound goddess of music!

Evanescence - Fallen
This group became one of my all time favorites soon after they became mainstream ... Amy Lee is truly a sparkling gem as lead vocalist. She is the epitome of the phrase music artist. She is a vision to behold with clear blue eyes that are like pools of water to drown within. She has a voice that can truly take you to another realm!This CD has music that explores deep emotion that is accompanied by strong, accomplished musicians. This album is a must!

Loreena McKennitt - Live In Paris and Toronto
For those of you who have seen the movie Mysts of Avalon you will be happy to know that the music you heard in that movie is on this CD but even better it is performed to a live audience ... Loreena has a mystical and angelic voice that lifts your astral body and transports it back to ancient Celtic times ... truly a journey that you need to experience for yourself as there really are no words that can describe how much I love this 3-CD collection :)

Within Temptation - Mother Earth
This group is a new favorite and I'll be adding a few of their songs to my playlist soon. A gothic rock band they have an amazing sound - similar to Evanescence but they were a band long before them. The enchanted voice of Sharon den Adel sends shivers through your body as you feel the music flow deep in your soul! This album touched my heart with the song "Our Farewell" as it reminded me - with tears in my eyes - after the passing of my mother that she & I would meet again one day. This is an album that you must add to your collection!

Kenny Loggins - The Unimaginable Life
Not what you would expect to hear from the singer of songs like Footloose and Danger Zone by far ... it seems to me that Mr. Loggins has found his spiritual path and salvation through eyes of his beautiful wife, Julia ... this CD is made up of both his wife's amazing poetry and his own smooth, relaxing vocals and inspired lyrics ... I highly recommend that you check out this CD to see a new spiritual side of a long-time favorite artist!

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