DJ Profile
electronic/dance music online from AK's Evil Electronica on Live365 Internet Radio
Location: Sunderland, United Kingdom

Very little to tell. I love music of all genres, particularly electronica. I also have my own band (well a solo project really called Musical Mind Control). I wanted to create a radio station that played the kind of electronic music I like and also to present some of my own mixes which hopefully will appeal to people who have similar tastes to myself.
Favorite Artists

Boards of Canada
Simply the best proponents of ambient music.

The Prodigy
Redefined dance music in the 1990s and continue to innovate.

Highly original they continue to innovate and break new boundaries.

The Chemical Brothers
They've been around since the early 90s and continue to surprise with their work.

Quintessential drum and bass.

Favorite Albums

Boards of Canada - Twoism
Hard to get hold of and incredibly evocative if you were a child in the 80s.

The Prodigy - The Fat of the Land
With tracks like Firestarter and Breathe how could anyone not like it?

Massive Attack - Mezzanine
Truly ground breaking, the music still sounds as fresh as it did in 1997.

Exit Planet Dust - The Chemical Brothers
Their highly original debut album - brings back so many memories.

1997 - Atomic Moog 2000/ Boot the System - Coldcut
This a brilliant EP. Although there are only 3 songs plus some remixes the quality on offer makes it an essential purchase.