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blues music online from All Acoustic Blues on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: kuccarda
Location: London, United Kingdom

Retired and living in London. I've been a devotee of this music since the age of 14 when it was available only on 10" shellac 78s! If you have any questions about any of the tracks, or simply wish to "chat", (or would like a particular track to be added to improve the playlist!) do send me an email. I'd be delighted to hear from you.
Favorite Artists

Robert Johnson
The man who started it all and turned so many on to he music.

Son House
The man who taught the man who started it all! (See favourite artist 5)

Johnny Dodds
Some have tried but all have failed. NOBODY has ever played the clarinet like he could.

Baby Dodds
All the tricks - and NO hi hat!

Ken Colyer
Dedication to a music made him a great - even though he was English.

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