DJ Profile
electronic/dance music online from KWUB Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: kwubradio
Location: Los Angeles, CA

KWUB Radio is an independent, online Electronic Dance Music radio station operated by individuals who cannot imagine a reality without wobble and bass. Our Mission: To have you fall in love with a genre that has changed our life. Core Values: Quality: We know how easy it is to just press the ‘play’ button on your iTunes. We aim to challenge your stale playlists with an ever-expanding library of current, past and unknown EDM Hits that motiviate you to sieze the day! Interactive: Nowadays, current radio programs come off as extremely one-sided. We understand the frustration of hearing the same country love song 5 times on your commute to work. Our Music staff desires to get the drops you want to hear on air. Feel free to email them with suggestions at Adventure: KWUB Radio has many tag lines, one of them being, “Join us through the journey of Dubstep!” We desire to take you on an empowering mind trip of sound. Plus, you’ll be able to listen to KWUB on your iOS and Android devices whenever you’d like. No extra downloading is necessary! Our Story: Anthony woke up one morning, his brain pumping with a new aspiration. He had an overwhelming desire to create something new, an EDM radio station. Instantly, he asked his best friend Paul who was onboard immediately. They discussed the idea secretly, creating a company that would survive in an environment where start-ups crash and burn without notice. For months, they searched for a team that could create a strong backbone to push KWUB to the necessary heights. Welcome to KWUB Radio. #WUBDUB4life