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various music online from KILI - Voice of Lakota on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: kili - the voice of the lakota
Location: Porcupine-Lakota Reservation, SD

Here we are Melanie and Roberto,Melanie Janis Indian Native American,Station Manager,and Roberto Delledonne Dj from Italy who is Artistic Director.Together they drive the Radio Station from the 1 August 2006.She is from Pine Ridge Reservation South Dakota and he is a popular dj and producer and remixer of dance music in Italy and all around the world;He made for the first time a song,"WAKAN",a Hit,mixing european beat and Indian Chants,and soon will be on market with a new song called "WAKAN TANKA".He works at Malvisi Network Italy/Kili Radio.They made for the first time in the world a TWINNING stations(Malvisi and Kili Sister Stations) broadcasting with each other all around the world.A "REAL FIRST STEP" into the World of the Radio, music and culture,uniting two cultures for the first time in the world:European West and Native Americans.Follow Us,our path is a new "JOURNEY" in the world.Dennis White Shield is Team's Leader,Tom Casey is Development Director.