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It's Official! Pocos Pero Locos “The Network” is blowing out speakers with Latin Hip Hop’s Finest every night all around the world! Pocos Pero Locos is a movement established in the streets over 10 years ago, and Pocos Pero Locos was the first radio show on the planet to transmit the voice of the streets through the airwaves. For you Internet freaks, you can get your Cyberbang on by way of the web. Give us your info, request and your shout outs. Khool Aid and E-Dub will personally pick a “Cyberbanger of the Week”, and read it over the air during the show. "The Shotcaller of the Night" is your chance to get your instant request on via the phone. Call us up @ (866) SHOTCALL and you might get selected to be "The Shotcaller of the Night". "The Callbox" allows you to call in live and direct from the Boulevard and put it down for you city. "School Fools" call in and represent your school. Let us know your name, what school you represent and shout out your peeps! "The Big Bad Hotline"!!! Every week, a different Pocos Pero Locos artist checks in and gives Pocos Pero Locos the latest news and info!! Be the first to hear the scoop directly from all your favorite Pocos Pero Locos artists!!Be sure to tune in to Pocos Pero Locos for the ultimate radio experience brought to you by Khool Aid & E-Dub.