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industrial music online from 99.9 THE ELECTRIC FRONT on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: DJ Lee
Location: Windsor / Detroit, Ontario, Canada

ICQ: 2635002

Hello I am DJ Lee of The Electric Front. I am a musician/DJ/VJ/producer in the Detroit-Windsor area. I have now begun spinning in various cities across the continent (including Michigan, Ontario, Connecticut, New York and more). Contact me if you'd like The Electric Front to come to your town! I am just about to commence recording on my own debut album. All of the DJ Lee remixes you hear on this station were done by me through the years, and often have accompanying videos. The Electric Front is also producing other bands at this time. This station and DJaying at clubs are very rewarding to me. Not only do you get to communicate with cool people but you can see that many people enjoy similar music. I love Nine Inch Nails. Contact me via the website anytime for any reason. I hope you all enjoy the station.

Favorite Artists

Nine Inch Nails
MY VERY FAVORITE ARTIST IN THE WORLD. The modern Beethoven, or Digital Picasso? Bow Down Before...

Icon Of Coil
Synthpop with a dark and driving edge. Production and recordings are world class! Addictive club hits and more!

Depeche Mode
Layed the groundwork for sounds/mastering for industrial bands. Years ahead. Masters of chord changes.

Marilyn Manson
Just crank it, feel it, watch it, definition: AWESOME! If you've been exposed and don't know already, don't bother.

Skinny Puppy
You know you're doing something right when you form a sound to which people say, "what the hell is this stuff", and 20 years later the groundbreaking tunes sound as amazing, progressive and original as the first day they blasted from every corner of the planet.

Favorite Albums

Nine Inch Nails - The Downward Spiral
The most amazing lyrically/soundscaped/produced cd ever.

Marilyn Manson - AntiChrist Superstar
Definately not the tape your grandmother got for free with her 1983 Dodge Diplomat. (unless she's from Pasedina)

Icon Of Coil - Machines Are Us
Amazing Synthpop CD. Great driving beats, larger than life synths. Every song could be a club hit, with an edge that is just as cool at home or on your portable audio player.

NIN/Cure/TKK/MLG etc... - The Crow Soundtrack
The Whole CD is amazing and is the perfect compliment to my favorite movie.

Flesh Field - Strain
Rebirth of the loud well produced industrial. Angst with velocity, not noteless screaming. Excellent production and great ideas. Great musical inflences evident in their music (eg. NIN).

Favorite Broadcasters

Nine Inch Nails, the best band in the world; NIN mixes selected by Mr. Reznor himself. I bow before you Trent, CALL ME!

The same as above, except 56k speed for those of you that are stuck on dial-up.

Mix of songs from Nothing Studios, the home of Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson and many others!

Official Rob Zombie BABY!!!!

New Station by Orgy frontman Jay! Best Wishes Man!

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