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DJ: lee williams
Location: NJ

Hello and welcome to Bill Street Jazz and Music, where you will hear music from my personal collection featuring some of the greatest sounds in Jazz in addition to some new artist and music to move your spirit. Make sure you stop by my blog at I've had an amazing opportunity to meet and work with some of the most talented musicians locally and internationally known over the last 25 plus years. I have enjoyed the conversations, stories and just learning about their life and what drives them artistically. Men and women who have stayed dedicated to the music as an art no matter what. Launching this station is just another way for me to continue to learn and support the artist and the art of jazz. The goal is to grow this station to a professional level of broadcasting. To help expose the artists and the music that would not normally be heard to a wider audience. Yes, you will hear occasional songs that fall a little outside of the jazz genre, but remember, some of the side men on these projects are jazz musicians working to make ends meet. They too have to pay for their college education and instruments. It is a very difficult profession when so many of the best places and performance venues have closed or reduced their budgets and music programming. Your generous contribution will help keep this art form and this station alive and help expose the music. It will also be an important step to raise the necessary funds so that we will be able to produce live performances. The program is pre-recorded. I’m the host, DJ Lee Williams (alias) and it has been a pleasure to bring this station to you. Hope you have enjoyed what you have heard and join me! Artist / Label submissions may be sent to the address below, however they must be licensed for airplay and they will not be returned. Please also include contact information. Please only ONE CD per artist. I have limited storage space. BILL ST Jazz and Music C/O PO Box 7325 Trenton, NJ 08628