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inspirational music online from Prince Of Peace on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: lennytone
Location: Ashland, OR

Thank you and blessings for tuning in to my Live365 station. This is music that has helped me get through a very difficult time in my life. In the last several years I've been diagnosed with neurofibromatosis, atrial fibrillation, leukemia, and finally mesothelioma (asbestos cancer). This has all caused a lot of stress for my family and myself to say the least, but God is good! He is faithful, and an ever-present help! These were just words in the Bible before I fell ill, but He has drawn close to me and become so real. If He has helped me (see my testimony at he will certainly help you! New! I have written and recorded a song about heaven called "Paradise". Listen for it on "Prince of Peace" and let me know if you like it!