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Lifestyles Radio is based in Staten Island, NY and is part of the Media Department at Lifestyles for the Disabled. Our station features every #1 song of the 80's & 90's along with shows written and produced by our participants.

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Hey everyone! This is Mikey 'Provolone' Commorato. I've spent almost my entire life performing voice-work for TV and Radio. I've written over 15,000 radio/TV ads and have additionally produced over 10,000. It's a good day to smile!

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Lifestyles Media at Lifestyles for the Disabled - - - - - - Radio: Lifestyles Radio is the Flagship of the Media Department and features dozens of our participants as the stars of the broadcast. On Lifestyles Radio, every participant has the opportunity to host their own weekly radio segment. These segments are then edited to professional quality, complete with Intro Music to make everyone sound their best. - - - Video: Lifestyles News is a variety show featuring everything that's happening at Lifestyles for the Disabled. The show includes footage of major events, personal successes and creative work like skits and even music videos. Participants have the opportunity to get involved in the the show in several ways. They can either be in front of the camera as a host/journalist or behind the camera working with video and sound equipment. - - - Journalism: The Media Department's Journalism Program is what provides information to be reported on Lifestyles Radio and Lifestyles News. Participants are invited to join one of our many news crews to get the scoop from all over the Lifestyles community. These teams are already reporting on the Staten Island Zoo, Wagner College and at many events all over New York City. - - - Ways to Listen: 1) Visit and click on our Radio Link 2) Search "Lifestyles Radio" on iTunes - - -Watch: Search for "LifestylesFilms" on - - -Contact: Michael Commorato - Radio Program Manager - - - (718) 983-5351 ext. 256 -