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classic alternative music online from 80's Alternative on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: I_Need_A_Vacation
Location: San Francisco, CA

AIM: Need 2 Vacations
I just wanted to put my favorite music on the air. I have taken my CD collection and put the best that I like. Then I bought some more CD's and found some mp3's online. Then I bought a lot more CD's and mp3's and now I'm almost broke. Still, it's been fun. Just added: songs from Joy Division, New Order, and Wire Train. Now added 11 songs from The Alarm. I finally got 50 hours of music.
Favorite Albums

Big Country - The Crossing
This is the greatest rock album of all time. Every song is a classic, including the extra tracks on both the USA and German versions.

Mana - ¿Dónde jugarán los niños?
Mana never sounded so good. They sing in Spanish, but who cares? Great music for a band at its peak.

Clash - London Calling
I like every song on this album, and it's a double album. 18 great songs to listen to.

Cure - Faith
I love this album, but almost every song is so depressing, I am afraid to put any on my playlist.

Cure - The Head On the Door
I don't like all the songs, but the ones I do are among my favorite Cure songs: In Between Days, Close To Me, Push, Six Different Ways, Sinking, A Night Like This, and the B sides A Few Hours After This and The Exploding Boy.