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This station is currently not available.

About the Station

Tune in to hear an eclectic mix of Rock, Surf, Blues, Alt-Country, Electronica, Latin and Instrumentals. Broadcasting live 24/7 and commercial free, playing familiar to obscure tracks thereby creating a unique listening experience bursting with flavor!

About Special K

It's just you and me, my friend, and a song. After a long day of moving the pieces around to make life a little more harmonic, we pour a glass, light up, and tune in to the voices that will revitalize our spirit. For me this doesn't often occur on commercial radio, therefore, I have to drive at twice the speed of sound to catch up with the forces of comic tragedy. Most of my favorite tunes will never be heard on pop culture's daily mash up of top 100 lists. I have to wander the corridors of music's great, dark hall of obscurity to find the brilliant gems I collect and playback here. It's a labor of love. I hope you enjoy...