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country blues music online from LongRider Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: longrider
Location: Texas

After a couple of million miles, I owe a little something to the Drivers who have been my steady friends and constant companions. I am dedicated to keeping trucking music alive. These are our stories in words and music. The road. The life. The music.
Favorite Broadcasters

GearJammin' Gold
The taproot of trucking music. The boomin' AM stations have faded. The satellite stations are a very weak imitation. Gearjammin' Gold is the only real oldtime truckin' music left.

Gear Jammin' Radio
My friend White Rose with interviews and music from truckers and trucking musicmakers. Great stuff. The real deal. Give it a listen. (Update: Sadly, this signal has faded. But Ms White Rose is tough as nails, and she loves trucking and trucking music. No doubt, she will like the rest of us, find some way to keep truckin' music alive.)