DJ Profile
contemporary folk music online from Frontier Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Meg Macready (psdm)
Location: Knights Ferry, CA

AIM: Meg Mcready
I am returning to my folk music roots after a long tour through classical music and other genres. I have Debbie to thank for this, despite the fact that we are estranged; she reminded me that folk music feeds my soul as no other kind of music can. Thank you, Deb. I am excited about the various ways that folk music -- at least American folk music, that is -- has evolved in the twenty some years I've been away. I'm also excited to be able to apply my music research background to learning about traditional forms of folk music all over the globe and sharing my findings with my listeners. My reasons for doing this are primarily for my own edification and enjoyment but also in order to be able to give something back to this vast family of musicians and artists who give so much to me through their music. In this way I can share them with others who might not otherwise seek out these kinds of musical experiences.