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70s music online from POP GOES THE '70s! on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Merrick
Location: San Francisco, CA

I'm on the business side of entertainment, but "Pop Goes The '70s!" gives me the opportunity to express myself creatively. I'm a huge fan of everything musically '70s, but particularly the "feel-good" pop tunes.
Favorite Artists

Captain & Tennille
I grew up on them so they hold a special place. But people may not realize how amazing they were production-wise. Listen to "Shop Around." Check out their website: http://www.captainand

Another group I grew up on. Just can't beat the voice of Karen.

The Swedish group that understood what Phil Spector was trying to do and made "The Wall of Sound" go one better!

Peter, Paul & Mary
Not a '70s group, but one of my all-time favorites -- I still see them in concert every year.

The Four Tops
My ultimate Motown group. "Standing in the Shadows of Love" and "Bernadette" are classics -- as is Levi Stubbs!

Favorite Broadcasters

Our dear friend Amos' Top 40 blockbuster! Hot Hits Atlanta!

Sloane's country station is terrific!

One of the top '80s stations on the network!

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