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DJ: Jerry
Location: Pompano Beach, FL

Hello from South Florida. I grew up with the pop music of the early 50s before rock when music and life were more relaxing. I remember listening all alone in a "recreation room" at night to one of those big floor model radios while the other kids were watching TV in the living room. Faith in a personal God also became a part of my life. In 1961, I discovered Christian music that had a popular sound and was professionally orchestrated by Ralph Carmichael, who had done a lot of work for Nat King Cole and pianist Roger Williams, and also by Paul Mickelson. This was the "music of my life"--the music of YesterYear--and I enjoy sharing it with you! Hope you like it. God bless.
Favorite Artists

Ralph Carmichael
Ralph Carmichael is recognized as the grandfather of contemporary Christian music. Pure music genius in composing, arranging, and conducting all types of music.

Paul Mickelson
The late Paul Mickelson was another musical genius who will be sorely missed. He excelled as an arranger. conductor, record company executive, and producer.

Evie was tops in inspirational music of the 70s and early 80s.

Dave Boyer
A big band vocalist and mc at the 500 Club in Atlantic City before becoming a Christian.

Nat King Cole
One of the greatest pop vocalists of all times.