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techno music online from DJ Mads Mix on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: madfrate2
Location: Concord, CA

I started collecting techno just so I could listen to some bitchin beats while turnin laps in my shifter kart, but then I found this great site and now I can forget about lame local stations that dont play much worth wile as far as techno goes. Enjoy listenin and maybe I will see you at Sears Point Raceway (I refuse to call it Infineon Raceway)
Favorite Artists

JS16 Remixes
These are some pretty dark and deep trance tunes.

Madame Zu
Some really good high energy stuff that just makes you move.

Dark Dark Dark.

Favorite Albums

Deftones - Adrenaline
This is a must have for any rock fan.

666 - Who's Afraid Of
Again Dark Dark Dark. Good groovin

Favorite Broadcasters

This broadcaster and station is pretty much the suckiest one on the site. You can routinely find them at the bottom of the rankings!

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