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goth music online from Morituri te salutant on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: madrego
Location: Bochum, Germany

ICQ: 22592584
A few words about me:
I`m 28, from bochum, germany.
Ok, that were really only "a few" but who really cares? -- More important: THE MUSIC!

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Favorite Artists

Depeche Mode
nothing more to say, great!

Anne Clark
also brilliant on stage

VNV Nation
Mixture of EBM and other electronic elements (futurepop)

Phillip Boa & The Voodooclub
great band originally from dortmund germany.

The Wounded
nice mixture of elements known by e.g. the cure with metal.

Favorite Albums

Depeche Mode - Music For The Masses
Or Black Celebration - hard to say

Diva Destruction - Passion`s Price
just great, not only a few good songs

Goethes Erben - nichts bleibt wie es war
my momentarily favorite, nice text, sometimes quiete beautiful, then again aggresive

VNV Nation - Empires
For me it`s the best album of VNV Nation, better than "Futerperfect"

Phillip Boa & the Voodooclub - Boaphenia
Hard too chose one album from Phillip Boa

Favorite Broadcasters

The 33k modem channel of "Morituri te salutant"

The Electro Channel of Radio Morituri

medieval music in mp3PRO quality - channel from our partner site "Radio Aena"

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