DJ Profile
70s music online from MVD 45s on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Mal Vincent
Location: Chicago, IL

In 1978, I received my B A in Broadcast Communications. Later that year, I received my FCC license. In 1979, I landed my first on-air job at The Universityf Illinois (Chicago). I was the producer and the anchor man for a public affairs program called "Campus Chicago." In 1980, I received my first professional DJ position at WVFV West Dundee,Illinois. (ABC affiliate). I was there only four weekends. I quit!!! I became disillusioned concerning the fragile aspects of the radio industry. My father connected me to a part-time position at two radio stations simoltaneously. I was what was known as a super-sub. I would substitute for DJs who might have suddenly called off. WBBM-FM Chicago (CBS Owned), fired me after only one gig!!! They said I kept violating their music format perimeters. Most of my super-sub assignments were at WMET Chicago. I was on the air there more than 20 times from 1983 early 1987. I had only one super-sub assignment at WCFL in Morris, Illinois in 1993. It was my last time on the air. It was too far to travel. I was no longer interested in being employed at a radio station. My ambition was to own one. With LIVE365, I have acheived my goal. I love radio. It was the most stunning achceivement in the history of commnuications. I want to work the remainder of my years entertaining my radio audience, with quality music, inconcert with my sense of humor.