DJ Profile
soul music online from boil-up radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Pat Kingi
Location: Papamoa Beach, New Zealand

A long-time record collector with a love of soulful music and sharing it with other people. Before moving from Auckland to the beach town of Papamoa, I used to present the boil-up on Base FM ( and play soul and funk at various parties and clubs. Boil-up radio gives me a chance to share good music with people once again.
Favorite Artists

Bob Marley
Bob marley's music and lyrics had (and still have) a positive influence to people all over the world and in particular maori and polynesians.

Stevie Wonder
The greatest musician and song writer ever and coming to Aotearoa in Oct - yeauh!

One of the most under-rated soul music artists. A genius with so many gems that never charted - possibly because his style was so different. Lots of Omar on boil-up radio.

Fat Freddys Drop
The best music to come out of Aotearoa in a long long time.

Love Luciano's voice and his lyrics are almost always conscious. His music is always uplifting - we need Luciano and others like him to reach the masses.

Favorite Albums

Johnny Osbourne - Truth and rights
Solid reggae album - killer no filler. Conscious, soulful - what more can i say.

Al Green - I'm still in love with you
Classic soul music.

Bunny Wailer - Blackheart man
Love this album. Conscious and understated with bob marley and peter tosh on bv's.

Erykah Badu - Baduism
This album along with Maxwell's and D'Angelo's debuts brought real soul music back to the fore in 1997. Neo-soul moved forwards from here.

Anthony Hamilton - Soulife
A treasured gate-fold LP. Finally got it on mp3 and can share on boil-up radio. Timeless soul music from 2005.

Favorite Broadcasters

ReggaeRadioLondon got me hooked on live365. The top a top reggae.

"I love neo-soul" is a station dedicated to neo-soul. Quality soul music 24x7.

Coxsone station. Classic studio one 24x7. Can't get much better.

Wax Poetics Radio. Those who know the Wax Poetics magazine will know what to expect here - quality music.

Reggae music from Hawaii, Polynesia and over the world. Always a good vibe.