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ambient music online from AMBiENT PiNG RADiO on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: marastorment
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

i love music, and i love sharing that music with other people. there's nothing quite as cool as being able to introduce somebody new to that song that you enjoy so much. mt radio is about sharing the music that i enjoy with you. hopefully you'll find something here that you've never heard before, and hopefully you'll keep coming back to hear more. cheers, rik mt radio
Favorite Artists

David Bowie
quite simply the most influential musician in my life and the lives of most people i know. quite simply a genius.

David Sylvian
an incredible talent and an incredible vision. and of course he has cheekbones to die for...

an inspired and inspiring musician who makes some of the most beautiful ambient work i know.

masters of the darkwave genre, brilliant sonic architects.

a personal favorite since the first time i heard them, crystalline and beautiful and fully formed from day one.

Favorite Broadcasters

her station The Angel Theory is a brilliant collection of tracks featuring some of the best darkwave and ambient artists going. wonderful stuff!

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