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asian music online from BU', Thai Radio เพลงไทย on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Marc Gaynor
Location: Bangkok, New York, Wash.D.C,,

AIM: 282043494
I’m a PhD student at The Chicago School (International Psychology) preparing a dissertation on ‘social media’ use in Southeast Asia. Washington D.C. Ask me for more info: Twitter: @Marc_On_Media
Sawasdee Krup __/|\__ Here is music from Thailand na krup. Feel free to e-mail requests to me, I have a large collection of Luk Thung, Mor Lum, Lakorn and Popular hits. Or Just say Hi.... I would love to hear from you. AND, don't forget to register and add this station as your favorite station. __/|\__ (Maitee)
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