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Original Progressive Instrumental and Limited Vocal Music Inspired by the Landscape, Culture, and Energy of North America

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The Stations Broadcaster would like to introduce you to some of the best well kept secrets of NEWAGE / SpaceMusic.
If you love NewAge and SpaceMusic then listen no further, this is yet another refreshing station among the few.

- Spotted_Peccary Label -

Spotted Peccary Music is dedicated to the development of original progressive instrumental and limited vocal music inspired by the landscape, culture, and energy of North America. For more than a decade, the artists of Spotted Peccary have combined modern timbres and textures of electronic and acoustic styles with some of the conventional structures of classical music to define a new and unique sound that embodies the essence of this vast land.

Rather than just for casual listening, most of the recordings of Spotted Peccary Music are intended for deeper introspection, often times requiring increased listener involvement for a greater appreciation of the artist's vision.

It is the goal of Spotted Peccary Music to continue to produce ultra-high quality releases that introduce and support truly creative artists who bring to life this new North American sound and advance the very boundaries of imagination.

With the addition of the label extension, "Wanderings", in the fall of 2000, Spotted Peccary expanded it's catalog to offer a wider musical palette, drawing on elements that go beyond the North American influences.

Here is where it all started for me way back in the early 1980's by none other than ::Stephen Hill's Hearts of Space

This station is dedicated to my Spiritual Life partner and BestFriend, R.T.Edwards.

Spotted Peccary
HighDesert, CA
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