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electronic/dance music online from Chillout Beats on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: mdumond
Location: Atlanta, GA

I am a Dance, Trance and New Age music fanatic. Realizing there was a void on the airwaves for this combination of music I felt motivated to create my own Chillout station. I am an Electrical Engineer, with a passion for music. Discovering and sharing great music truly rocks my soul! My next endeavor is music creation, so stay tuned... My music motto: It doesn't matter what your favorite style of music is, "Good music is good music"!
Favorite Artists

Original. No other artist comes close.

Modern-day Ethereal New-Age with a Beat. German Artist. The Deal!

Blank and Jones
Excellent at both Trance and Chillout Genres

Solar Stone
Excellent at both Trance and Chillout Genres

Jes, Jan Johnston, and Sarah Mclachlan
Female vocalists on many Trance and Chillout tracks.

Favorite Albums
No information provided
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