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celtic music online from The Blue Knight on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: The Blue Knight
Location: Northport, NY

Many of you may first ask of my profile image. It is a cropped image of an Italian city. I have a great love of music and literature. I especially like those things that make you able to escape peacefully your current thoughts. You can through music transcend many things. You can relax and over ride the emotions that stir the soul. I ask you to please listen and try and relax and get lost in this music. I will strive as much as possible to change the music and make this station better and better.
Favorite Artists

Only U2 is better than she is in Irish exports as in record sales. Her smooth vocals and beats makes me always relaxed and happy.

Hayley Westenra
She is artist of the second selling album to date in her genre. She sings like an Angel. A must have for all Eclectic music fans.

Steve Jablonsky
The composer of the Transformers soundtrack how much better can you get?

Lisa Kelly
A member of such groups as Celtic Woman she struck out on her own to make the world of Irish music a better place.

Kate Ryan
She is perhaps one of the most talented prolific dance artists. The songs she makes in Italian are my favorite :)!