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shuffle/random music online from Dr. Rock's Medicine Show! on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Dr. Rock
Location: Omaha, NE

YAHOO: Dr._Rock
Dr. Rock loves music. He also loves radio. He has wanted to be a true DJ for most of his life, but there are very few real DJs these days. Most of the on-air personalities these days are only allowed to be announcers. They get to choose few, if any, of the tracks played during their shows. In many cases, they don't even play the songs. A computer plays the music. They just talk when the computer tells them to do so, giving the station a "local" feel. Dr. Rock has traveled 120 miles (round-trip) every weekend to host a live show on KZUM-The Heartbeat of the Community. He volunteers for this. He also started this station with hopes of building it in to a full-fledged internet radio station with live DJs. So far, the station is running as an automated station, but it is delivering the true variety Dr. Rock wants to deliver. Want to become involved in creating something special from the ground up? Become a VIP. This will improve your listening experience with better quality and eliminate the Live365 commercials. The Dr. will also receive a portion of the revenues generated. VIPs can also become members of the exclusive Facebook group "Friends of 'Dr. Rock's Medicine Show' on" Want to be more involved than that? Drop the Dr. an email and start a dialog with him. Who knows what you and he can create together.
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