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My name is Chris Porter. I am originally from Columbus, Mississippi. While growing up, I was exposed to many unique leadership positions. I was the president of the local YMCA Teen Leaders Club and my high school's student body reporter. As the student body reporter, I produced a daily television show for my school was also an active member is church. At church, I was a member of the audio/visual department. As a member of the a/v department, I helped film our church's weekly services. After high school, I decided to enlist in the United State Marine Corp. After my enlistment ended in 2004, I begin working for my present employee LabCorp. LabCorp is one of the largest clinical laboratory networks in the world, with a United States network of 36 primary laboratories. My current position within the company is a Logistics Lead. As a Logistics Lead, my main responsibility is the reconciliation of the nightly specimens we received from labs and clinics throughout the United States. As for my education, I receive my undergrad in business management and grad degree in psychology. I receive both degrees from University of Phoenix. I am very familiar with online learning process. I actually believe online learning is more difficult than ground learning. I am also a fan of audio books and learning. I have attempted to turn my car into a library on wheels. Since 2008, I been working on a hip hop/psychology brand called Po Politickin’. Po Politickin’ is a conscious brand that aligns itself with helping artists, philanthropy and offers exposure through our strong online presence. Po Politickin’ is a hybrid between Dr. Phil and YoMTV Raps. With Po Politickin’, I have interviews 100s of different people. I have spoke to hip hop artists, singers, authors, motivational speakers, and porn stars. I believe that I found my passion with Po Politickin’. My goal for the business now is figuring out how to generate a steady income for it. I want to attain my PhD as goal and challenge to myself. I also want to become to first person in my family to attain one. I am hoping a PhD would add more credentials to my brand as well.

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