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NO VIP MEMBERSHIP REQUIRED for Commercial Free Music Play! We play the best in Rock from the 70's, 80's, 90's, 2K and Today! Music Playlist updated often so you don't miss a the latest Hit! It's all here, why go anyplace else! Like us on Facebook!

About Sean Fox

When it came to starting up this internet station, I was hesitant. About Me: I come from a family who has always been in radio at one time or another so I am very passionate about it. It's like an addiction that I kicked years ago. However when it's in your blood, eventually it overcomes you. So here I am, doing this as a hobby & seeing where it goes. What is my Goal? Well to create something that will entertain you the listener. So far it seems I am off to a good start on. I don't have a lot of time between working my day job and spending time with my daughter but when I can I will be working to make this internet station rock! What are your thoughts? I am always open to your suggestions, criticisms, compliments, etc. Hearing from you is one of the best ways one can become better. Drop me an email sometime if you feel the need. What do I get out of running this station? Nothing in terms of money. Whatever amount I get from VIP rewards helps lower my bill to run The Fox on live365. If you enjoy this station, please sign up to be a VIP and listen to me as one. That is the best thing to do if you like what you hear and don't want this station to go away. To sign up for VIP, go to There you will find a banner ad that will get you $20 off at checkout. Who runs this station? This station is not corporate owned. I do everything from purchasing the songs, building the website, paying the fees, figuring out what songs need to stay and what songs go, creating play lists, you get the idea. I really hope you enjoy my internet station as much as I do. Thanks for viewing and listening. Sean Fox Owner/Music Director