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new age music online from Music Beyond Words on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: marie michaels
Location: Denver, CO

I started in the music industry in 1978, at a small station in Missoula, Montana. I hosted the evening shift when records were played and listeners were in touch with their DJ. Coming back to Denver in 1980, I began with KKHI as a 'board op' while we streamed the WAVE. Within a few years the station went 'live' and New Horizons, Music Beyond Words was started by a co worker on Sundays. Shortly after she left to take a job in California, I assumed the role of anchor and their it began. Within a few short years, I obtained the rights to the show and changed the name to "Music Beyond Words". It is a journey I have embraced into what you hear today. My musical library consists of 2500 CD's from 1976 to now. It ranges from mystical, up tempo, chll, ambient and delicate instrumentals. I have seen Vangelis, met Jim Brickman, dined with Yanni, developed lasting friendships with William Ackerman and cried over the loss of Eva Cassidy and Marta Gomez. Their is no journey in life as one presented thru the eyes of a musician. Come, take the journey..