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14.10.2015 Updated music. Here is Pink Floyd, YMO ( Yellow Magic Orchestra ),Tangerine Dream,Kraftwerk,Isao Tomita, Synergy,A4, Supertramp and many more. Please send me request by email, if there is _must to hear_ tracks. Always available;P

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Never coming back. Loving memory of Tikru 22.6.2007 - 28.12.2014.

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25.07.2013: Added nice single "Lie On Heart - Feel the Sun".
06.09.2013: Station graphics updated.
13.11.2013: Added tracks from Ummagma.
05.02.2014: Update some banjo ;) Grid.
08.02.2014: Added some "new" tracks.
03.07.2014: Laurie Anderson etc.
31.07.2014: Utah Saints, Alabama 3 (A3)
23.08.2014: Update, this track was played first time 17.09.1966.
23.09.2014: Fever with Cowbell, sounds like a BÖC.
16.11.2014: So old, and same time so new. Pink Floyd.
25.01.2015: Madredeus know how i feel.
07.05.2015: Deep with Surreal Realm.
20.07.2015: Zephyrium from Austin.
14.10.2015: Thunderbirds are go!