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west coast rap music online from G-FUNK VIBEZ RADIO on Live365 Internet Radio
Location: milano city,

Rapper/Producer from Italian G-Funk Movement, CEO of G-FUNK VIBEZ RADIO (N°1 westcoast rap radio station on live365) and CEO of G-FUNK VIBEZ RECORDS In the rap game since 1997. StiLL G started write lyrics at high school at age of 16 years old,he walking on the streets with his block notes,pen and every moment are a good moment to writing something. Falling in love for the first time with " If Ruled the world" performed by Nas & Lauryin Hill,Hell On Earth from Mobb Deep and C.R.E.A.M. performed by WU-TANG CLAN,but one day listen for the first time a particular track that open his mind: "CALIFORNIA LOVE" performed by 2PAC & DR. DRE,and for the first time he understand which way of music choose. When he write lyrics,produce some beat,every single day in music,he take inspiration from 2pac Shakur,that StiLL G considered his personal mentor. Freestyle battle,jam session with his close friends,instrumental production,listen to the music,all day every day in the rap game. Officially on 2009 he join ITALIAN G-FUNK MOVEMENT after the big success of mixtape "ITALIAN G-FUNK VOLUME 1." with his first release named " Esse-Ti-I-Doppia L-Gi " on his personal production. STILL G say: " ITALIAN G-FUNK VOLUME 1, GIVE ME THE POSSIBILITY,TO EXPRESS MY EGO,MAKE THE MUSIC I LOVE AND SHARE MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE IN MUSIC WITH MY HOMIES FROM ITALIAN G-FUNK. I'M PROUD TO BE PART OF ITALIAN G-FUNK MOVEMENT…" Today StiLL G is more respectable in this rap game,CEO of a big web radio,big collabos with worldwide g-funk artists from US to Japan,more fans and follower that listen his music,and specially a big friendship with his homies from ITALIAN G-FUNK.." ..we live in different country but music & passion keep Italian G-funk a big family.." PROJECT: - G-FUNK VIBEZ RADIO ( 06.06.2011 ) (N° 1 WESTCOAST RAP RADIO STATION ON LIVE365) - G-FUNK VIBEZ RECORDS ( INDIPENDENT LABEL ) DISCOGRAPHY: - " ESSE-TI-I-DOPPIA L-GI " (ITALIAN G-FUNK VOLUME 1- MIXTAPE) 2009 - " COME IL MARE IN INVERNO " - (SINGLE) 2009 - " THA STILL G EP " - ( EP ) 2010 - " MERRY G-XMAS " ( FEAT. ROM LOCO & VINNIE G. ) - (SINGLE) 2010 - " ASSASSINI (FEAT. EL BORO) - (SINGLE) 2011 - " JUST RIDE " ; " ITALIAN G-FUNK ALL STARS " ( ITALIAN G-FUNK VOLUME 2 - MIXTAPE ) 2011 - " ANOTHA HATER FALL DOWN ( PROD. BY DANGSTER ) " - (SINGLE) 2011 - " I'M NOT GOING BACK ( FEAT. TORMENTO & VINNIE G. ) " - (SINGLE) 2012 - " ANOTHA LIFE ( FEAT. EL BORO ) " - (SINGLE) 2012 - " NUTHIN' BUT A G-FUNKSTA " - (ALBUM) 2012 - " SHADOWS (FEAT. KOG) - (DIGITAL MAXI SINGLE EDITION) 2013 - "STREET PLAYA (PROD. BY FRYTA) - SINGLE SEPTEMBER 2013 - "IZ PARTY TIME (FT. J.LOCC) (PROD. BY STILL G) - SINGLE JANUARY 2014 MIXTAPE FEATURES: 2013 - " COAST TO COAST MIXTAPES PRESENTS: THE INDIE TOP 50 VOL. 257 " ( track N° 9 " Anotha Life (ft. El Boro) " ) 2013 - " COAST TO COAST MIXTAPE VOL. 246 (HOSTED BY: GORILLA ZOE) - (MIXED BY: DJ SEIZURE) TRACK N°18 " THA G-SOUND " FT. FOESUM EXECUTIVE PRODUCER / MIXTAPE / EP / (JUNE 2013): " G-FUNK VIBEZ RADIO PRESENTS: THA VIBEZ VOL. 1" (CD/MP3) (FEBRUARY 2014): "G-FUNK VIBEZ RADIO PRESENTS:THA VIBEZ VOL.2" (MP3)
Favorite Artists

2pac Shakur
2pac is my mentore,with his music open my mind. talkin about real life,social problem,i feel so much his music,and i wanna thank him 4 initiated me in westcoast music concept

Snoop Dogg
Snoop dogg is a big rapper and producer,with so much style,and now like 93 he don't change his mind in g-funk vibes!!

Dr. Dre
a dope producer,with big success,i'd like his music,and when he perfected tha beat!! technical and more bounce

Roger troutman
a big artist,i like his performance music by talkbox and his music is so much funky,he introduce a new genre with your music,now in westcoast trackz talkbox is the must!!!

George Clinton
p-funk,one nation under a groove,one music under the groove!! new sounds from guitar,bass and kickdrum,experimental thang,i love it!!!

Favorite Albums

2pac Shakur - Me Against The World
This is my favourite album,because in this album 2pac send a big message,keep ya head up ever and ever,every dark night theres a brighter day after that!! real thing!!

Snoop Dogg - Doggystyle
g-funk in full effect!! dope thang!!

Foesum - Perfection
only big trackz for a big album!!! i like it so much!!

Dr. Dre - The Chronic
1992,a new genre born,g-funk 4 all!! dope thang

Lil Half Dead - Steel On A Mission
g-funk sound,melody,too much LBC flow,Just Rollin'

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