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DJ: grown and more+ sexy
Location: Somewhere over the rainbow, DC

Being grown comes from your awareness and maturity without the ego. Sexiness is a state of mind.♥ My passion for music started as a child listening to my parents' music then my exposure to band music. I joined a school band and loved it. I was also basically a loner so in my solitude listening to music was my drug. Music cured what ailed me, lessened any pain and brought me "through the rain".♥ There is so much recorded music in the world and being an owner of a vast collection, why not share it? So I am sharing my music journey through life.♥ Take at least 15 minutes a day to exercise and eat healthy—most of the time. Take a walk. “Move somethin’.” Exercise your mind, body and spirit. Peace and love…yourself and others. Help others when you can and be true to yourself. God will give you what you need.♥ I know, it's always the quiet ones. Thanks for stopping by.♥ Bookmark this page if you like the station by adding to your presets (+).♥
Favorite Artists

Luther Vandross and Rahsaan Patterson
I would have loved to see these two artists perform together. Both have incredible voices with amazing vocal ranges. Mr. Vandross was a legend. What has not been said about his amazing voice. Mr. Patterson has very unique singing voice. I have had the pleasure of seeing him perform. What he does with his voice is incredible. So passionate!

Earth, Wind and Fire & Mint Condition
My two favorite bands. EWF are my all-time favorite group of musicians and band, period. Their music spans several decades and is timeless. Their longevity speaks volumes. I miss Maurice White but their newer projects sans Mr. White are still good. Mint Condition--I am a Mint Head for life. They are always true to themselves rarely disappointing their fans. Their music is very distinctive. I look forward to all of their projects.

Brian McKnight & Eric Benet
Mr. McKnight is my favorite balladeer. His voice is silky and soulful. Mr. Benet--This man makes anything sound incredible. His voice is like no other. So sexy...

Toni Braxton, Chante Moore & Celine Dion
I guess you can tell I like the "sangers". Ms. Braxton--This little lady has a very sexy and soulful voice. I just love her music. Ms. Moore--Another artist who could sing literally about anything and have my attention. Ms. Dion--Her vocal range as with the other ladies is incredible. She is awesome in concert.

Keiko Matsui & Gerald Albright
Mrs. Matsui--I was impressed when I heard her on the radio, then to experience her performance was incredible, so passionate with her craft. Also seeing her husband perform alongside her was very special since I am a hopeless romantic. Mr. Albright--He leaves me mesmerized. My favorite jazz musician. The most memorable performance were the unexpected ones. Most recently, with Anita Baker and as a surprise gift many moons ago when he was performing with Chante Moore and Phil Perry. It was awesome.

Favorite Albums

Earth, Wind and Fire - Spirit
I love everything that I have heard from them but this is my all-time favorite album from them. My second favorite album being second to Stevie Wonder.

Steve Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life
This is my all-time favorite album. Just awesome.

Maroon 5 - Songs About Jane
Just listen.

Chico Debarge - Long Time No See

Keiko Matsui - Dream Walk
I love all of her music. So soothing.