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Featuring r&b, neo-soul, pop rock and old school DC go-go music from the 70s until...

About grown and more+ sexy

Being grown comes from your awareness and maturity without the ego. Sexiness is a state of mind.♥ My passion for music started as a child listening to my parents' music then my exposure to band music. I joined a school band and loved it. I was also basically a loner so in my solitude listening to music was my drug. Music cured what ailed me, lessened any pain and brought me "through the rain".♥ There is so much recorded music in the world and being an owner of a vast collection, why not share it? So I am sharing my music journey through life.♥ Take at least 15 minutes a day to exercise and eat healthy—most of the time. Take a walk. “Move somethin’.” Exercise your mind, body and spirit. Peace and love…yourself and others. Help others when you can and be true to yourself. God will give you what you need.♥ I know, it's always the quiet ones. Thanks for stopping by.♥ Bookmark this page if you like the station by adding to your presets (+ or ♥).♥

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Saving the world through track at a time. Enjoy this station!

Broadcasting Tuesday through Friday. Check out my weekly schedule.

Not on the schedule--JustMusic features a mix of r&b, funk, neo-soul, and pop rock, with sprinklings of old school DC go-go from time to time, all throughout the day Tuesday through Thursday.

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To get you ready for Valentine's Day during the week of February 9, 2015, listen to an eclectic mix of r&b, pop rock, neo-soul and jazz love songs. I hope you find it very stimulating. "This is what I'll do to get you in the mood"...The Whispers, Gerald Albright