DJ Profile
prog/art rock music online from Radio Erewhon on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Nowhere Man
Location: Lexington, SC

I'm a longtime fan of classic progressive rock music--Yes, Genesis, ELP, Gentle Giant, Caravan. I hope that Radio Erewhon will keep the flame burning for progressive music, old and new, well-known and obscure.
Favorite Artists

Visionary music in every sense of the word.

The progressive rock archetype.

Gentle Giant
A unique blend of complex rhythms and melody lines which nevertheless rocks.

The Tangent
Intelligent and innovative. One of the best bands playing today.

Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66
Not progressive or rock. But some of the most perfect songs and arrangements ever recorded.

Favorite Albums

Yes - Close to the Edge
Transcendent music. Unprecedented.

Genesis - Foxtrot
English pastoral futurism in grand, complex structures.

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire
Opposing riffs and rhythms propel the band toward inspiration.

The Tempest - Comm
Who would have thought that a song called "Tech Support Guy" could be not only interesting but affecting? Genius.

Led Zeppelin - IV (Zoso)
A mystic masterpiece, including the timeless "Battle of Evermore" with the eternal Sandy Denny.

Favorite Broadcasters
Lots of British progressive rock, old and new.

proggin' Bob Logan
A nice progressive rock station, concentrating on neoprog bands like Citizen Cain, Unifaun, Izz, etc.

High Plains Dickie
Progressive rock, but more on the experimental side.

Patches and Kymbre Summer-Rain
Progressive rock, with an emphasis on newer neoprog.

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