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This station is currently not available.

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ONLY BRUTAL DEATH ACCEPTED!! SUPPORTERS: BLOG PERIGO DE MORTE at http://perigo-de-morte-new.blogspot.com/, EXTREME BRUTALITY at: http://extrememetalradio.blogspot.com

DJ info NOT available.

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The radio is dedicated exclusively to BRUTAL DEATH and the intention is to give airplay to all bands possible no matter the nationality or grandiosity. Feel free to contact me at: ultimatebrutal@gmail.com SUPPORTERS: BLOG "PERIGO DE MORTE" THIS IS THE WORLD WE CREATED, THIS IS THE LIFE WE CHOOSE, FOLLOW THE LINK,STAY TUNED & SPREAD THE WORD... http://perigo-de-morte-new.blogspot.com/ e-mail: perigodemorte@gmail.com http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001772737346