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Christian Progressive Rock! Glass Hammer, Salem Hill, Neal Morse, Iona, Unitopia, Visual Cliff, Kerry Livgren, Ajalon, Cruciform Soul, Rick Wakeman, Brighteye Brison, Syzygy, Ten Point Ten, Proto-Kaw, Ty Tabor, Vertical Alignment and more!

About mark stephens

At the age of 3, Little Mark Stephens' parents were already worried that perhaps he invested a little too much attention in playing 45 RPM records for hours on end. At the age of 13, he discovered Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band. He went on to become a commercial FM radio DJ/Announcer. He soon discovered, however, that music promotion was much more rewarding when he promoted music he really believed in! Although he now earns a living as a mild mannered Project Manager, when the time is right, he still dons his patented Rick Wakeman ProgRock Super-DJ Cape and spins tunes at Live365's CProgPositivity Radio.

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