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easy listening music online from The Sinatra Generation on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Tom Hoey
Location: Finger Lakes, NY

Tom, now pushing Seventy, remembers well the music of his Generation and his Grandparents. Every generation discovers a new sound. Some that are wonderful and some forgettable. Influences on music come from Broadway shows, Soundtracks, and such things as the invention of electronica and the computer. The music of "The Sinatra Generation" is mostly more instrument and only sometimes, voice driven. A purer sound and one that many would yearn for again. Current television reality competitions like American Idol and the X Factor are discovering great new vocalists and even new sounds! The Globalization of music, exposes us to new sounds from the British Isles, India, China and the steppes of Russia. Tom currently lives in the Finger Lakes of New York State and is active in the theatrical community where he is a firm supprter of the Musical Theatre Festival and publishes an online news and entertainment site ( which this station is a part of. He was a former DJ for 15 years playing in major clubs from Florida to New York, a Carnival games concessionaire, Actor, Publicist and a Nightclub Manager, among other entertainment, related, occupations. Please enjoy our glorious sounds.