DJ Profile
hip-hop/rap music online from RUDEBOY RADIO 808 on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: Shango Da Don Ragga
Location: Pearl City, HI

I've been in music, radio, and the nightclub industry for more than half my life. Through the years I've watched as technology has both empowered and crippled the music business and the music industry. As an artist, performer, DJ, emcee, and promoter, I've felt its effects.
So what is Rudeboy Radio all about? Well, it's certainly not just about reggae or dancehall. A rudeboy is a gangsta, someone who gets what's needed by both conventional and unconventional means. So Rudeboy Radio is for the independent artists, reaching for the stars, trying to achieve their goals in music, by circumventing the b.s. and politics of analog radio in Hawaii. No censorship, no "clean" versions unless it is the artist's preference. This is where the streets can broadcast its voice to the world. Rudeboy Radio.
Favorite Artists

Wyclef Jean
Created a perfect synthesis of hiphop, r'n'b, and reggae.

Showed that powerful storytelling within hiphop and reggae still has relevance.

He gave the TRAP a voice that people couldn't ignore.

Ice Cube
Not afraid to say what the hell he wants to say to who he wants to say it to.

Richie Spice
He makes reggae relevant to a whole new generation of listeners.