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DJ: djcaladia
Location: Las Vegas, NV

Hi everyone! I am another music lover like you and I've always been lucky enough to have the kinds of jobs and life that allow me to constantly take in new music. Currently, I am a female over-the-road solo truck driver in North America by occupation but defininetly more of a philosopher at heart. Now thirty-six years into this lifetime, I have collected many tunes that I believe are overall life-affirming as well as lyrically smart and appealing to the ear. Here, in these songs, you will find abundant philosophy, not to mention powerful, uplifting, and at times introspective vibrations. May you receive the music well!!! Enjoy!!! P.S. Any and all feedback is welcome!!! P.P.S. Check out my website at
Favorite Artists

From Finland, Nightwish is a symphonic metal band who seemlessly blend opera, symphony, and metal. Very very powerful and beautiful stuff!!!

Lesiëm is a German projekt in the space music/new age genre and they combine choir and chanting with uplifting vocal solos!!!

Neil Diamond
Neil Diamond is the king of emotional, introspective, and uplifting music!!!

Rush is unlike most rock bands. Their lyrics and soaring vocals, guitars, and keyboards are amazing and contain almost all philosophy!!!

Janis Ian
Janis Ian is an amazing songwriter not afraid to get realistic and emotionally honest. Great stuff!!!

Favorite Albums

Sarah Brightman/ Eden -
I love the classic songs and modern songs found together on this album. Inspiring all the way around!!!

Favorite Broadcasters

They showcase the best of symphonic, power, and progressive metal. I love it!!!

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