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ambient music online from TWM Relaxing Radio on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: guthorm
Location: Torino, Italy

YAHOO: the_wimshurst_machine
Big, 6' tall & 220 pounds sax player and producer of TWM, The Wimshurst's Machine. I play baritone and tenor saxes, native straigth flute, Yamaha WX11 wind MIDI controller and other instruments. Music and soundtracks are my passions, as well as cinema. I love irony and fun (but who doesn't love to have fun?). If you want to hear my sax play, just check out "Prisoner".
Favorite Artists

The Wimshurst's Machine
Great, eclectic soft music from Steampunk music, from ambient to new age to rock with world and jazz elements.

Mike Oldfield
The master of electronic music from UK

The Alan Parsons Project
The masters of electronica, from UK

The greek master of Ambient music

Corrado Rossi
Great italian piano player and composer

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