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DJ: DJ Wildwonderworks
Location: FL

Wildwonderworks was introduced to music by grandparents who played various musical instruments. Later my father bought and own "The Click" in California, which was like the American Band Stand that Dick Clark had. At the Age of 12 Started Playing Violin followed by Stand up bass, mandolin, piano by ear and synthesizers, etc. Threw out the years of Playing Music, there was a music competition always involved every year throughout Michigan, Florida, and California. Winning 1st and 2nd place in Musical Instrument Competition in Michigan and Florida, DJ/ Musician Competition in California, with Computer Digital DJ Award United States Team, Jan. 2013 Ranked #1 in Local DJ. With Creating her own tracks or music she has incorporated using all her musical knowledge to bring you a truly unique sound. I have a unique sound mashing up popular Trance/Electro, European House, and Pop music, etc.( Other Styles On Request .) I have a unique skill of incorporating this music into my live act, Which I SEMI- PRODUCE MY OWN MUSIC. I truly put on a high-energy performance as they fly through about 100 tracks in a two-hour set. Some People ask how I got into DJ ing and I tell them that I didn't have any money to buy equipment or a job so (( I Recycled Cans and other recycles to get the money to Buy My DJ equipment.)) Yes I DJ by computer, but also set up my own tracks when I can as well as incorporate my instruments when I can. I Love DJ ing even if it not old school. But Still Recycling to get comptrollers , software, etc. I Love Using Synthesizers or effects when I can to give it added ump ! I Mostly DJ Now but once in awhile still play violin and Tribal Drums , With creating a new unique sound for the united states while creatively composing my own works using my instruments, technological advances in playing my instruments And DJ and ideas that are Spiritually Inspired for Expression. I'm Frontiering A whole new way Of Music In The U.S. With New Ideas In Motion Everyday! To here my music and contact me please go to -