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DJ: Prophetess Desiree
Location: Atlanta, GA

I am a Prophetess of God, called to teach and to protect and to enforce the foundational principles of God's Word. I do what I do because I believe that the true components required to reach God can be obtained through: Knowledge, Wisdom, Worship and Prayer. I love God's people because He has loved you first.
Favorite Artists

Dr. Juanita Bynum
Dr. Bynum has a true anointing of God

Byron Cage
My God what an anointing

Thomas Whitfield
Thomas Whitfield puts you in the counsel of God

Tramaine Hawkins
Tramaine has a very anointed voice

Deon Kipping

Favorite Albums

Candi Staton - Anointed
This song is full of the anointing of God

Juanita Bynum - All
Very anointed music

Shana Wilson - All
Pure Worship

Tasha Cobb - All
Pure Worship

Byron Cage - All
His praise and worship songs truly minister to the inner man

Favorite Broadcasters

Sounds of Gospel with Michelle Carpenter
Sounds of Gospel really gets the spirit of God moving in you - there is no being still!

Anointed Sounds
I Like the worship music.

Bible Believers Radio
Truly blessed!

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