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50s music online from 3M: Mike's Music Memories on Live365 Internet Radio
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Location: Baltimore, MD

With the 3M SHOW (Mike’s Musical Memories), your host Mike DeVita begins his 3rd experience as a musical deejay, presenting a special blend of mostly eclectic music with heavy emphasis on the mid-20th Century. Mike’s previous experiences began with an internet radio show in 2010 devoted to a complete retrospective on Doris Day’s musical career, as well as a program called “Just For Old Time Sake”. This was followed by a venture with his friend Susan Schoeffield who currently hosts a progam called “Sooze Blues and Jazz”. Sue and Mike worked together on a website that is currently in its second year of operation,, where Mike is the current webmaster. That site is heavily devoted to all aspects of the entire world of entertainment (but again with a special emphasis on Doris Day.) That devotion to Miss Day just resulted in a newly-published book which makes Mike a first time author. The book, now available on most internet book retail sources, is called “My ‘Secret Love’ Affair With Doris Day” (available in both paperback and on kindle.) Mike is hoping that listeners will enjoy his special brand of music, a collection that began back in the 1940’s, with heavy emphasis on the late 40’s, the 50’s and the 60’s -- all the way up to the best of today. Along the way, he will play everything from Broadway and Movie Music to All Time Hits as well as Rarely Heard Recordings. As a devotee of great music, Mike feels compelled to share with others some great listening with special attention to almost forgotten singing and orchestral legends. Listener requests will be honored when possible
Favorite Artists

Doris Day
Her "voice of velvet"turns me on with everything she sings

Pat Boone
One of biggest male vocalists of the 50's, often known as the male equivalent of Doris Day

The Four Aces
What a wonderful blend of voices, always a pleasure to hear

Percy Faith
A multi-talented performer alone or as background for any of the pop singers>instrumentalist extraordinaire

Michael Buble'
He may be a contemporary vocalist, but he holds his own when it comes to singing standards and pop

Favorite Albums

Doris Day - Day By Day
Turn down the lights, turn on the doesn't get much better

Frank Sinatra - Watertown
A little known concept album by Frank but certainly one of his very best

Percy Faith - Great Folk Songs
He turns traditional folk songs into something truly amazing

Doris Day - soundtrack from LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME
The top selling album of 1955; one listen clinches it

Michael Buble - Crazy Love
What's not to like...very, very smooth

Favorite Broadcasters
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