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Al and his friends sing the songs that The Worlds Greatest Entertainer made famous

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My name is Debbie Eifler and my guide dog Cagney and I love the world of Al Jolson and want to share him with all of you, I am the US Audio Director of The Internationel Al Jolson Society on the web. I love his vocal quality and my hope is you will too. I also would love you to visit and find out why he was and still is The Worlds Greatest Entertainer. Like the popularity of Sinatra, Crosby, Presley, The Beatles and countless others of the second half of the 20th century Al Jolson held that honor the first half of the 20th century. Al Jolson graced the Broadway stage, was in the movies including one of the first talkies" The Jazz Singer", he had 4 radio series ( Shell Chateau, Lifebouy, Colgate and The Kraft Music Hall), he made records with many no 1 hits ( The Anniversary Song sold over 1 million copies , the first song to ever do that ) but his real strength was his live performance he could hold an audience in the palm of his hands for hours through his powerful musical voice and his enthusiasm for putting over a song. His lasting influence in the musical history must never be forgotten and because of my station we can listen to him whenever we want . This is my way if keeping the Jolson voice alive and promoting the legacy of this man forever known as The World's Greatest Entertainer. Please give Jolson and Friends a listen, listen long and listen often .

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