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indie rock music online from Marla Stone Radio Show on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: marla stone
Location: Loveland, CO

AIM: Marla Stonecipher
20 year radio vet attempts - to bring rock n rollers, their crews, their listeners, and the stars themselves - together via one location. Tickets to shows will be available here (at some point in the very near future), and the money you spend on CD's/merch and song downloads at this site goes to the artist, so buy the music!! One station, original music, live 'feature artist spotlight' shines on NEW ORIGINAL TALENT directly from the stages. Marla Stone. doing what needs to be done.....all of it LIVE on the Marla Stone Radio Show. Turn it on, turn it up & pass it on. Stay tuned, you never know who/what you'll hear. Rock ON.
Favorite Artists

The Symbols
Spiritual Porn Rock good for the soul & the body! Bring yours.....

Prophets of Addiction
Another rockin' good time band. Fresh, new, original and got the goods gang!

Just FKN FUN!!! buy it, and go see them LIVE!

Orifice A
holy mother of god, these guys already get 'it', and this is just one of their ideas.....hang on! (bunny suits and gas masks, and one HOT DRUMMER -who EVER thought I'd say that outloud???...and the drummer is Michelle.

Good Water
all original, all RAW. They are going places, their way! LOVE IT.

Favorite Albums

Savatage - Streets: A Rock Opera
staple. must have.

Stranger - No Rules
staple. must have.

Royalush - It's Only Kinky The First Time
new. original. great all the way through.

The Symbols - To Be With You
I am their facilitator...get ready gang, here we come!

Good Water - Good Water
It's not out yet, but you will hear it here first as soon as it is!!

Favorite Broadcasters

Marla Stone Radio Show
rock n roll babies! this show has it all.

Marla Stone
real, raw, new and fresh...all the way aLIVE!