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50s music online from 1950's Radio - 50s Oldies on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: clodey
Location: Perth, Australia

G'day Cobbers, How ya goin' crack yourself a couple of 'Tinnies' and sit back and listen to some 'fair-dinkum' bonzer music from the fifties and early sixties.. I began collecting 45's and 78's in 1957 and with over 8,000 music tracks including many original 45's in the library, we are sure to offer the best variety in 50's and early 60's vintage classics. If you are a "Baby Boomer" you are going to LOVE this stuff. It's hard to find stations playing purely Fifties and Sock Hop oldies. It's pure Nostalgia ! This is the Music of a Generation...... Our Generation, let's keep it that way! OK!!!!!! Enough yabber from this old ocker, no-worries mate, Keep tuned for the best in great music. 1950's Radio