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soul music online from The Soul Vault on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: soulman
Location: chesapeake, VA

This station started in 2003, i went off-air because i was not sure if it was worth all the trouble, time and money. I just could not stay away. Now The Soul Vault is back, and better than ever. Locating and acquiring some of these songs has been a daunting task, to say the least, I am still searching for titles to add.I welcome your critiques and comments, it only makes the station better. Honestly, this station is for those that love this music as much as i do. I have limited the songs to around 1963 or so, to 1979 or so. I am originally from Brooklyn New York, and I was inspired by the New York DJ Johnny Allen, his quiet storm station was unmatched. Every since i have been collecting and listening to soul music. I wanted to share some of this music for those that haven't heard it and for those that are from the time. I feel this music should be on a station in every town, but you are likely not to hear some of this stuff anywhere except on The Soul Vault, so enjoy and keep the music alive.