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bluegrass music online from ETBN on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: neil gray
Location: East Texas, TX

Retired and just love to play and write bluegrass music. Working to get more of the younger set here in East Texas to learn the values in Bluegrass Music. Also give some of the local groups a chance to be heard. We promote bands here in the Texas area, however we will help any group in getting air time for their bluegrass. I currently play music with my brothers our bluegrass band is The Gray Brothers Mountain Gospel. We mostly play in the East Texas region. One last note if you want us to play your cd online then contact ETBN with information about the album and copyrights you and your band holds on the work. If anyone besides you or you goup holds the copyright then send that info also. This way we can be sure all royalties are applied to those owners. May God Bless Neil Gray DJ % ETBN@MAIL.COM
Favorite Artists

Don Reno n Red Smiley
The old style is still as great as when it was recorded.

Lonesome River
Love their harmony and the great ballads.

Jim & Jessie McRenolds
Love the family harmony and the mandolin. Super!

Blue Sky Boys
Great old traditional music in early days.

Stanley Brothers
One of my favorite traditional bands.

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