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heavy metal music online from Metal Mania on Live365 Internet Radio
DJ: hollywoodholly
Location: n/a

AIM: hollywoodholly
I am a lover of metal music I love metal core, Black Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal Goth such as moon spell, cradle of filth, dismal euphony, Dimmu Borgir. I also sing I work in all areas of music.
Favorite Artists

it makes me feel excited with the beat and when Im angry it gets the aggression out and they are good musicians

in this moment
this woman Maria is awesome she incorporates real singing with a little screaming somewhat of a black metal voice and I'm the same I like to incorporate real voice with some crazy sounds and awesome musicians with heavy sounds behind.

one of my favorites as much as slayer I love the love the industrial sounds mixed with a death metal post punk sound it gets me going

Lacuna coil
I love the real talent of singing mixed with heavy riffs and I like that she is a little edgy instead of just opera singing and no other tones I appreciate what Cristina has done

Holly Lowery
ok not to be conceded or full of ego or snotty but this wouldn't be complete if I didn't say myself- why? because I can sing opera I was trained but I love edginess and I have sang sense I was 2 I started out singing the blues, and have been compared to Janis Joplin I'm a sucker for good music and my favorite growing up was Heart because I'm a sucker for real vocals though like Cristina and Maria I love heavy metal and heavy riffs but I also love Black Metal sounds and I was making music about vampires and werewolves before they were popular because of tv and also because somethings are personal stories and I just feel it each time I sing I believe emotion makes the music :)